Sam Cohen, chemistry, physics and general science teacher uses some fun experiments to get students excited about science. An assistant dropped an apple on a bed of 2,555 nails but that wasn’t the experiment.

Fun Experiments to Get Students Excited About ScienceWhen Sam got down and laid back on these nails, held a cinder block and had the assistant use a sledgehammer to break it. That was the real science. It’s physics.

Cohen said it felt like a board. He was lying in such a way that his body mass was spread evenly. That force prevented him from being punctured by the sharp nails, unlike the apple that was scored by them.

That was one of many experiments witnessed at the high school’s 12th annual Night of Science.

The auditorium was packed with people from all ages, many of them students. Jared Barnett, a junior, said a couple of his friends asked him to attend. He was also given extra credit for being there.

“I enjoyed it,” Barnett, an aspiring physical therapist, said. “It was all pretty good.”

The event is held annually to increase students’ fascination with science. Over 12 years, the crowd has grown from an estimated 75 attendees to more than 1,000, Ilyes said.

Ilyes, a physics teacher, said teachers decide the experiments they think will draw large crowds. They take ideas from prominent leaders in the science world, especially from National Science Conventions.

“We want to stimulate interest in science,” Ilyes said. “We want to show cool things that you can explore. We’re trying to create a culture at Dallastown that inspires students to take courses in science. The science night is part of the momentum that we have going here.”

The clause that should be shared with students at the start of the night was “don’t try this at home.” Teachers dined on marshmallows dipped in liquid nitrogen, and drank sulfur hexafluoride, which made their voices sound somewhat like the opposite sex.

A repeat show hit is the rocket propelled skateboard. Ilyes releases carbon dioxide that propels him across the stage while sitting on a skateboard.

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Fun Experiments to Get Students Excited About Science