Good behavior isn’t just for the classroom, good behavior on field trips is just as important. Teachers should expect their students to extend their good listening and attitude beyond the doors of their classrooms.

Good Behavior on Field TripsExpecting the best out of students in special classes such as music or PE and even at recess is something that should be the norm. But, sometimes it isn’t and educators turn the other way instead of correcting the misbehavior.

But even some of the more diligent teachers I have known seem to feel that the behavior of their children on field trips is scarcely their concern.

I simply don’t understand that.

Stepping in

I have often found myself taking over the behavior management of a group of children from other elementary schools at our annual symphony appreciation field trip. With those teachers sitting right there, not more than 10 feet away from me, I am speaking to students I have never met before in my life and getting them to represent their school appropriately rather than being small barbarians.

And the teachers never blink an eye.

Behavior always matters

Aside from the fact that unruly children are generally a detriment to any activity or outing, classroom teachers pay a price if they allow children to feel that there are certain situations where they can follow their own worst instincts.

Eventually that will seep back into your classroom and you are left trying to reason with them regarding times for appropriate and inappropriate behavior. 

Believe me, this is not the position you want to be in if you desire a stress-free, enjoyable classroom.

It’s much simpler to expect that good behavior is always appropriate any time a child is at school, whether it’s on the playground, in your classroom, good behavior on field trips or anywhere else their school day may take them.

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Good Behavior on Field Trips