People often wonder how technology makes kids smarter. Obviously, the internet and the computer together have led to the revolution of information technology more than at any other time in history.

The world is truly smaller and more accessible due to technological innovations. So how does technology make kids smarter?  

How Technology Makes Kids SmarterEvery aspect in our day to day lives requires the use of computers directly or indirectly, from the home, workplace or on the road. The many ways in which technology is used can quickly carve out new neural pathways and help enhance creativity in our children.

As our children do their school assignments using more and more technology, including paperless schools, they learn more in a shorter period of time than ever before.

Here is How Technology Makes Kids Smarter
Learn new things

Computer, tablet, and smartphone technology enables kids to learn new things spontaneously and in multiple modalities. Learning experts talk about learning styles and how technology helps kids learn things faster.

“21st century learners use all three learning modalities as they interact with technology,” says Pat Wyman, college professor and best-selling author of Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster.

“The fact that students can learn by reading, watching videos or listening to audio enables them to learn in the way that suits them best and technology allows students to become better critical thinkers as they put all the data they learn together for school projects,” she continued.

The information from the internet is unlimited unlike the conventional modes of learning such as text books or tutorials from teachers. Information garnered from text books, teachers and adults is limited by cost, time and experience whereas the technology of the internet is unlimited.


The computer is the best study resource that is full of information, offers unlimited avenues of undertaking and analysis of the desired results. The computer comes with various packages that are suitable for students only as well.

Some special learning packages either through the internet, e-books or offline programs also offer back up services to follow up on the student’s progress. These include programs like the sky helpline.

Tech Savvy

The world is embracing information technology in all aspects of the community, and this is evident in social, economic as well as political sectors. To lack knowledge or expertise in the information sector would be tantamount to being unable to attain a job in most companies. This makes it necessary for all students to be well versed in computing skills for them to be deemed fit to work, compete in a global environment be able to attain promotions in their work.

Fresh content

Traditional ways of learning offer content based on previously published information that is stagnated and never changing with the times. A computer is very dynamic and versatile in relaying information, and this is achieved using regularly updated software, and most internet sites have their information content updated regularly. This allows students to regularly learn new information and often-times be at the cutting edge of the freshest information right at his or her fingertips.

Better interaction

The computer allows students to take on more work in the absence of an adult or away from school. People know how technology makes kids smarter because they can interact with other students using the online portal and sites like skype education where they can literally interact with students in the classrooms of the world.

Better socialization skills are very crucial for student growth, and better skills improve the kid’s self-awareness as well as self-esteem. Research has shown that children who have early access to computers are often more confident and outgoing as compared to the kids who learn to use technology at a later age.

Author: Julia Ann who is an avid Blogger and writer from Manchester, UK with 5+ years of experience in blogging. She is interested to learn new things and writes for Sky Helpline.

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How Technology Makes Kids Smarter