The morning routine can be hectic and getting some ideas for packing school lunch can make things a run a bit smoother. If you’re not a good cook and feel that you have no creativity in the kitchen then some school lunch ideas may help you.

Ideas for Packing a School LunchOnce your child starts a full day of school you will want to make sure what they eat is feeding their brains and their tummies. This might seem quite a task to accomplish but it’s not!

Get ready with some easy to do, quick lunch idea. No need for peanut butter and jelly everyday. There are some great easy to make lunches right at your fingertips.

Here are some simple recipes for children who love the idea of lunchables and moms who do not love the idea of processed food.


Pizza dough – Using whole wheat refrigerated dough is a healthy alternative that adds fiber. Try Boboli Whole Wheat Crust, Trader Joes Pizza Dough, or ask for it at the bakery of your favorite grocery store.

3 cups pizza sauce – many sauces now offer options that have vegetables blended in them.

3 cups cheese, shredded

2 cup or to taste of one or more of the following: black olives, broccoli, tomato slices, mushrooms, or any other vegetable your child will eat.

24 snack size bags or small reusable plastic containers

12 quarts size bags or sandwich size reusable plastic containers

Bake pizza dough according to directions.Put 1/4 cup of cheese, if including a vegetable add this too, in 12 snack size ziploc bags.Put 1/4 cup of sauce in 12 snack size bags.When the pizza crust is done cut into 12 squares or slices.Place two squares in each quart size bag or plastic container. Add one cheese packet and one sauce packet in the package with the crust.Freeze.
To eat, have your child put one package in their lunch box and by lunchtime it will the thawed and ready to eat!
An alternative to freezing everything is to only freeze the pizza crust and put the cheese and sauce in reusable containers the night before and store in refrigerator. This cuts down on the use of plastic bags!!
Lunch Box Turkey, Cheese, and Crackers (It does not get easier than this!!)
  • Ask for deli turkey to be sliced thick. Using a cookie cutter, cut out slices of turkey. For younger children you can make it fun by using shapes.
  • Slice a few slices of cheese from a block.
  • Use crackers big enough for kids to put the turkey and cheese on top.
  • Throw all these ingredients in a reusable container, add an apple or carrot sticks, and something sweet in their lunch bag and get ready to hear how much they loved your healthy ideas for packing school lunch!

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 Ideas for Packing a School Lunch