Not every child learns at the same speed and it’s important to manage children who work at different paces. This is a hurdle for some teachers and it’s important to find good ways to give every student the time they need. 
Managing Children Who Work at Different PacesI love to learn from other teachers and ask them how they run their reading time. Many times I’m asked how I choose to manage my reading class. So what do I do when some children finish their work in a hurry and others seem to move at a snails pace?
Honestly, I never worry about my fast finishers because there are ALWAYS plenty of activities for them to complete each day we do stations.
This post will be about first grade and I will write another post about kindergarten. I basically run both of them the same, but, of course, the activities are different and one of the stations is different, as well.
On Monday, I do not do stations or reading groups. I use this day to introduce the skills for the week, including phonics, spelling, sight words, and the reading skill and strategy. 
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, my whole group lesson is to read and complete activities using our weekly selection from Journeys. For the majority of our reading block, the children go to as many stations as they can, including my teacher station.
I see all of my four reading groups on these three days for about 20 minutes each.
Friday is assessment day and catch-up day. I also use this day to complete seasonal and thematic activities, as well as, writing activities.
With each of my reading groups, we work on sight words, phonics, spelling, writing, and, of course, reading skills and strategies.
Each group has different needs so the activities and how long I spend on each of them varies. Sometimes, with my higher groups, I assign an activity and send them off to work on it together, as I meet with my lower groups.
This allows me to see my lower groups for a longer period of time.
Managing Children Who Work at Different Paces