With Veteran’s Day around the corner it’s important to teach children to honor our veterans. Many schools around the country will hold ceremony’s to show support for the veterans who have served our country. 

Teach Children to Honor Our VeteransSchenectady’s Brown School will be holding a Veteran’s Day program to teach children that, America’s freedom truly comes at a cost.

Fourth grader Olivia Girolami’s father is in the Air Force.

“My dad’s pretty funny and stuff, so we miss him at the dinner table because there’s this one empty spot and it’s pretty sad,” she said. But when it came to recognizing veterans as a whole, she said, “It makes me feel happy because I know they served for my country.”

This year, father of fallen Captain John McKenna IV was recognized for his family’s work following the young man’s death by many local politicians.

State assemblyman Jim Tedisco said, “We’ll never forget him and we’re thankful for you and your family,” as he presented John McKenna III with an Assembly citation.

It served as a comfort to McKenna, who admitted, “Some time these guys might get forgotten, and that’s what I’m afraid of.”

As a result, his message to the next generation is one of remembrance. “Every time you see someone in uniform, firefighter, police officer, soldier, sailor, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard, say thank you for what they do for you and for your family,” McKenna urged.

Some students at Brown School have already done so by collecting food for local veterans groups and the Schenectady Inner City Mission in a unique and patriotic way.

Just showing kids to be aware and not taking anything for granted is a good practice and yet another way to teach our children to honor our veterans.

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Teach Children to Honor Our Veterans