Secondary students expect to use technology as an aide in completing school work and assignments which is why they absolutely need a list of the top 10 best tech apps for high school and college student s so they can complete their work more efficiently and correctly.Top 10 Best Tech Apps for High School and College Students

  1. Podio for Students. Podio is a collaboration application available on both Android and iPhone so all members of a team or group project are likely to be able to download it. New features allow for chat, video chat, status updates, comments, a task manager, and separate areas for different classes, different projects, etc. Podio for Students is free to download.

  1. Portable Power. Students that are relying on their lap tops, tablets, and phones for learning cannot afford to run out of battery whether it is in class or during late night study sessions. Justin Case Power is a small, portable charger that is very handy to have if they don’t have their power cord or a place to plug it in available. It’s not free at $70, but is going to end up worth it.

  1. Joinme. This is another one of the best tech apps for group study and group project application which is why it makes our list. It is good to have choices available so that it is one less thing to worry about an entire group of students having to agree on. This application works for iPhone, iPad, and Android, it can be used on desk top computers as well and is free to download. Features include internet calling, share control, and chat. can also be used by teachers or professors as well.

  1. E-Portfolios. When kids learn how to organize and display their best work, it not only helps them turn in school projects but is great experience for making presentations in the real world during the job hunting process, and then once they have a job, it is a great way to impress bosses. Desire2Learn  is an app for students of all ages. It lets students organize documents, graphics, audio files, presentations and create a personal learning journey of their education process.

  1. Remove Distractions. Does your student have a problem focusing on the task at hand because of the tempting distractions on the internet? Freedom is an app that allows you to block out internet use for a certain period of time, completely disabling access.

    Top 10 Best Tech Apps for High School and College Students
    If the internet is necessary to complete their work, some students would benefit from Anti-Social, an app that can block out certain websites for a period of time. This works best if Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites are too much of a distraction. (These apps work for adults with these same issues too!) Freedom is $10 and Anti-Social is $15.

  1. Chegg is one of the top 10 best tech apps for high school and college students application allows you to scan the bar code of any text book or book and compare prices or even set up a book rental.

  1. MoneyWise. This budgeting application is free, so it definitely does not put any extra strain on the budget which makes it one of the best tech apps. This is a comprehensive budgeting tool, which definitely helps college students monitor and figure out how to manage this very important aspect of being out on their own. If you start your high schooler out on it earlier, they get a head start on learning to balance a budget and manage spending.

  1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator. This makes it unnecessary to have to carry a calculator around, just download the free app.

  1. Evernote. This is a popular app not just for students, but for everyone. It really has many features that help students with studying, note taking, and organization. The app syncs with your laptop and your phone and even connects through different operating systems. It is a word processor and can incorporate recordings and photographs. Students can use it to record lectures or instructions. There are both free and premium versions.

  1. Camscanner. This application converts your phone’s computer into a scanner. This allows you to convert files from image files into documents or PDFs and create multiple page documents just like a scanner.

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Top 10 Best Tech Apps for High School and College Students