is proud to present The Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2013. Everything in this guide received the Best Websites gold seal of approval from this season.

This year, we thank Apricot Books and New Zealand Clip Art for sponsoring the best holiday gifts guide so be sure to thank them by getting their 2 FREE jpg images of New Zealand and check out their digital or complete CD set of all their clip art. It was hand-drawn by a former animator from Disney, NZ and you can use it, royalty free for all your projects.

Inside the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2013

The categories are:

  • Ages 0-3
  • Ages 3-8
  • Ages 8-12
  • Gifts for Teens
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Books
  • Gifts for boys
  • Gifts for girls
  • Clipart that is hand-drawn from New Zealand
  • Educational Toys and Gifts
  • Games
  • Gifts for Teachers
  • Technology Gifts

Personalized Gifts inside the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2013

I especially love the personalized baby’s first 12 months frame with name, hand-print and 12 baby pictures. I recently bought it to give as a gift to my niece who just had a new baby! In addition, there is a whole group of personalized I am a STAR books in which you can have your child’s name on the cover and in the story.

More to Notice When Browsing the Best Holiday Gifts and Technology Gifts

As you’re browsing through the best holiday gifts, notice the Catch Phrase Game too – I’ve played this a parties and you’ll love it! Your guests will beg you to come back over and play more.

In terms of technology gifts 2013, there are so many for kids and grown-ups we can hardly choose – they are all terrific. For example, the Touchfire Screenpad for your iPad is literally amazing. In our Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2013, this gift lets you use  use your iPad for everything and leave your laptop at home. It’s a transparent keyboardTouchfire that goes over your iPad’s on-screen keyboard. It lets you feel the keys, rest your fingers on the home row, and type like you would on a regular keyboard. You can even type without looking!

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide Includes Gifts for Teachers.

As a teacher myself, I can tell you that this year’s gifts for teachers are the best I’ve seen. There is a very cool optical crystal apple paperweight, personalized stationary and a print at home Amazon Gift card.

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide Includes Toys and Educational Gifts too for Kids through the Teenage Years!

As a parent, I’m always looking for great toys and even educational gifts. This year’s best holiday gifts has them all. Check out the Leap Frog Scribbe and Write Tablet, the magnetic poetry kit, and very cool multi-voice changer.

Whatever group you’re looking for this year, it’s all in the’s Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2013.

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