If you have any children, you’ve probably wondered about different educational options. You may have been dreaming of homeschooling since your oldest child was in diapers.

5 Best Alternatives to Mainstream EducationMaybe you just started thinking about finding a good private school today. Public schools are a good option for some families, but one of these alternatives could be right for you and your children.

Take a look at a little insight into each of the alternatives to mainstream education.


This might seem like the most overwhelming option, but there are so many choices when it comes to homeschooling that you’re bound to find something that will work for your family.

If your family leads a busy lifestyle, an all-inclusive curriculum might be your best bet, but if you have some free time, putting together your own curriculum from scratch is very rewarding.

Some of the pros that can be identified as part of homeschooling are: educational freedom as you can study and learn what you want, emotional freedom from potential bullies, physical freedom from the monotony of the public school system, and a closer family bond.

Online Education

If you’re short on money, you may be worried that you won’t be able to afford anything other than public school. Although it depends on what state you live in, online schooling can be just as affordable as sending your children to public school.

For instance, many online avenues offer a tuition-free education to school-age residents. You can simply search your state and incldue online education to find some great ideas.

Most parents choose this method as it is convenient when you have an extremely busy schedule or if they are unsatisfied with their local public schools.

Private School

Many people don’t understand the difference between a private school and a charter school so here it is: Private schools have freedom to run the school however they choose because they are privately funded.5 Best Alternatives to Mainstream Education

A charter school is regulated by government restrictions more so than a private school because it receives government money to operate. Private almost always charge a tuition as they are not government funded.

There are many reasons to consider sending your children to a private school but, perhaps the most common of these is religion. If public schools teach things that contradict your family’s beliefs, you might feel more comfortable sending your kids to private school that can associate better with your own.

Charter School

Because Charter Schools are government funded they are similar to public school in that they do have some red tape to follow but not nearly as much as public schools.

Charter Schools are great for children with specialized interests or needs. For instance, Salt Lake Arts Academy, would be great for a child that loves music or dance in Utah.

Other charter schools focus on math and science. Still others concentrate on educating academically gifted children. Many kids that merely survived in mainstream schools thrive in charter schools. Make sure that you research what kind of charter school you are sending your child as no two charter schools are alike.

Supplemental Schooling

Also referred to as “afterschooling”, this type of education is great for kids that are either behind or ahead of their peers. If your children are slow or fast learners but don’t want to change schools, you can work with them at home after school.

This option allows for flexibility without disrupting your children’s lives. If they need extra help in math, go over times tables and fractions.

If they’re interested in languages, try learning Latin together! You can find tons of free curriculum online to help supplement your child’s education.

While mainstream education isn’t necessarily bad, one of these alternatives may better for your developing child. Depending on your children’s needs, looking into alternative forms of education may benefit your whole family and be an excellent source of comfort for you.

meganpicMeghan Belnap is a freelance writer from Oklahoma. She enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics to help inform others.

Her education growing up took her through everything from private schools to online schools and even the occasional supplemental education. Meghan highly recommends some Utah Charter Schools that are great avenues for alternative education.

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5 Best Alternatives to Mainstream Education