These students are creating their dream home and learning math at the same time. The seventh-grade students at Glacial Drumlin School in Cottage Grove WI show off their features like hot tubs, basketball courts and dance clubs. They are learning important STEM concepts like math and engineering.

Dream Home and Learning MathWhile they were busy conceptualizing their fantasy homes, the students were using math as they learned how to create something to scale.

Trenton Herber, 12, and Henry Huston, 13, decided to make a house in the shape of a pyramid, which was spray-painted gold and taken apart in three pieces to reveal the interior, which included a basketball court.

“It was pretty hard because all the angles had to be like perfect or it would just fall apart,” Trenton said.

Peyton Blang, Anissa Dimmig and Ali Dorn, all 12 years old, had a Cape Cod-style home in mind when they used Popsicle sticks to create siding for their home.

The group ended up making adjustments when they realized their blueprints didn’t account for the thickness of the foam board.

Emma Auby, 12, and Sophie Wendt, 13, covered their home in white fur as insulation since it was designed for Antarctica.

The students came up with other clever uses of materials such as a sheet of moss for an outdoor soccer field, sponges for beds and black sandpaper to cover a roof.

The students worked on the projects during the school’s “Plus Period,” which allows them to explore different topics throughout the year.

Chris Gramann, a seventh-grade math teacher, said he found the house project on the internet. He then contacted a teacher in Alabama who used it with his seventh-grade advanced math class and got tips on how to proceed.

At Glacial Drumlin, the students taught by Gramann and Matt Wood are given nine weeks to finish the project with the majority of that during class time.

The students used the floor plans they drew to measure and cut the main structures of the houses on foam board.

The two classes used different scales so the students could see how scale affects the outcome of the houses. The inside of the house had to be furnished and everything in the house needed to be to scale as well.