1. International Pen Pals by Email

Reaching out to schools in other countries via email and establishing correspondence with students in those schools is easier than ever thanks to email via Yahoo!, Google and others. Your students can correspond regularly with kids in Spain, France, Germany or countries in Africa as part of social studies and even foreign language classes and the whole class can hear the letters read out loud during class. Plus, there’s no postage required and you don’t have to worry about the letters getting lost in the mail!

These are just a few of the many techniques that can enhance learning with technology. Just remember that internet security is important too.

Each of these methods can be incorporated using technology tools, the Internet and social media for educational opportunities in the classroom. One caveat to mention is that children are curious and some also tend to break rules when they can – allowing them to wander into adult territory online is never a positive experience, especially in the classroom.

Using an Internet security program and educating yourself about internet safety is highly recommended. You want your experiences with technology in the classroom to be positive and benevolent – an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

Noah Gamer is a driven business leader with experience in Internet marketing, Web software development and eCommerce. Currently, he develops Internet strategies for Trend Micro, loves to write about how to enhance learning with technology and is interested in Internet Safety.

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