Flipped Instruction a Success in Upstate New York

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The ability of students to learn by completing assignments at their own pace has made flipped instruction a success in upstate New York schools. 

Two Fulton Junior High School math teachers presented on their new system to teach seventh and eighth graders math at a recent school board meeting.

Todd Parks and Pamela McHenry explained the concept of the flipped classroom, in which students complete guided note worksheets with video tutorials at home and then do assignments in class, where the teacher is there to assist.

Since last year, the two teachers have been using the online calendar Tockify and the website Sophia.org to create the video tutorials. They found inspiration from other teachers’ video tutorials on YouTube, SchoolTube and TeacherTube.

“I love it because students can go at their own pace, so a student who gets it like that can move on, and others can rewind it and watch it again,” McHenry said.

Flipped Instruction Useful for Diverse Student Body

The “flipped” system also has been beneficial to students who have been absent or who participate in alternative education programs.

Junior High principal Ryan Lanigan said the program was working to “meet the diverse needs of the 21st century student.”

A handful of students and parents gave their testimonial of the flipped classroom as well.

“I’m liking this system,” said eighth grader Alex Stoutenger. “You can print out your homework if you didn’t get a copy in class.”

“He’s a type-A personality like me, so that organization is very important,” said Alex’s mother, Angela.

“When you have a busy lifestyle as we have, it makes it easier to go at your own pace … It builds your self-confidence.”

School board member Rosemary Occhino, who is a former educator, said she was “so impressed” with the flipped classroom concept.

“You are truly creating students that are college  and career ready,” she said. “I can’t imagine the magnitude of the excitement of the seventh  and eighth graders.”

Parks and McHenry said they plan to expand the concept and are working with teachers from other subjects.

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Flipped Instruction a Success in Upstate New York

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