Will your thousands of dollars invested in a college education guarantee to show you how to get your child from college to career?

Actually, the U.S. Department of Labor says NO. According to them, nearly 50% of college graduates have jobs that do not require a college degree. It’s likely going to continue to be that way and many growth industries are streamlining jobs to cut rising costs.

So, how does a parent know the answer to how to get your child from college to career and what steps to students need to take to secure their future?

HR executive, college professor and  and bestselling author R. William Holland has a series of workshops and individual coaching programs to help parents and their students become their own effective career counselors. “The number one concern for parents,” says Dr. Holland ” is the inability of their college graduate to gain traction in the professional job market.”

 Video from CrackingtheNewJobMarket.com website

Dr. Holland shares key skills and strategies that lead to breakthrough success on how to get your child from college to career. He shows parents and students how to integrate these strategies into tactics that support and help deliver outstanding career results.

Some of the topics Dr. Holland shares on how to get your child from college to career are:

  • Right job, Right company:  How do you evaluate the companies in the industry of choice?  Where do you start?
  • Timing:  When is the best time to start the job hunt?  How do you get started?
  • Skills:  Does your student have the skills he/she needs to get placement in their field of choice?
  • Networking:  Have you and your student started a network of contacts to utilize when you or your child have completed their college education?
  • Charting:  Charting steps to a successful career.

Dr. Holland’s forthcoming book, From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide to Landing Right Side Up in the New Job Market compiles years of program results from studying today’s job market. It includes observations as a long time human resources executive, conversations with parents, top CEOs throughout the country, and leading career counselors.