Learning how to teach your kids to crochet for Christmas projects doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. In fact, it can be fun for you and your kids, as you work together to take on fun Christmas projects, decorations, or homemade gifts. With the right tips and strategies, your child will be crocheting in no time at all.

The first and most important rule is really to keep things fun and light. You’re teaching your child a new hobby which hopefully she loves, and maybe she even keeps it up for a lifetime, or uses it as inspiration to learn new arts and crafts, or other hobbies. So, remember to keep things fun and stay positive and easy-going.

How to Teach Your Kids to Crochet for Christmas ProjectsAdditionally, remember to take time to explain everything thoroughly, and always be demonstrating as you go along. Answer their questions, continue to do the steps or concepts you’re explaining so they have a visual representation which will really be the key way they’ll begin learning, and move slowly, step-by-step.

Give a short example or series of instructions, and then show them how to do it, and have them complete the same steps back again.

Be organized and prepared from the start as you learn how to teach your kids to crochet for Christmas projects. You’ll want to have all of your supplies on hand, on display, and ready to go. You’ll also want a large, clean area to work with, so there’s plenty of space, and no obstacles or clutter.

You’ll of course want to start with easy, simple tasks and tools. That means easy patterns, solid color yarns, durable and easy to work with tools and so forth. Begin with the basic techniques, slip knot and chin stitches, single crochets, double crochets, joining a new yarn and finishing off ends, and on down the line.

With crocheting, you can also start your child off using a curled finger instead of an actual hook, which makes things easier, as well as safer. They can quickly switch to a hook once they understand the concept and have mastered the simple finger hooking strategy. Start with larger hooks and progress to smaller hooks.

There’s a huge range of different step-by-step patterns, instructions and guidelines available online. Find some free Lalaloopsy Doll patterns and bring the characters to life with an added touch of love by sewing them together. So it will be easy to pick out something for Christmas that you and the kids can work on together. You can even search for their favorite characters or toys, and see if they have any fun holiday themed crocheting activities available for you to work with.

Encourage their creativity and allow them to be inspired and showcase their artistic side, allowing them to choose different colors to work with, or what types of projects they’d like to complete.

Crocheting can be a relaxing and satisfying hobby, and teaching your kids to crochet will be priceless, as you pass down a hobby and activity you enjoy and spark that interest in them as well, all the while spending even more great, interactive time with them.

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