There are some college kids out there doing some great things to make elementary math exciting. Many elementary students would say this isn’t possible. But I assure you it is. So how is this done?

Make Elementary Math ExcitingKevin Derr, Principal at Holland Heights knows how this is done.

We have Lisa Ermak of the Holland Sentinel to thank for this wonderful piece about how to make elementary math exciting.

Derr, invited a bunch of college students to play math games with elementary kids. What fun!  On Monday, aspiring teachers in the elementary education program at Grand Valley State University visited Holland Heights to host Family Fun Math Night. Heights students and their families were invited to the school for an hour and a half of interactive math instruction led by the college students.

Working in pairs, the college students used curriculum material from their classes to create math activity centers for students and their families to rotate through.

The idea was to provide meaningful instruction to students in a fun way, regardless of their age, said Pam Wells, a GVSU mathematics education professor.

“Generally, they create activities like games, crafts or exploratory estimating kinds of things, where students are engaging in math in a hands-on, friendly way.”

And every activity station came with a handout for the family, with suggestions for math-centered activities to do at home, like having children measure the distance a pom-pom traveled through the air or figuring out the tip for a food bill.

“There is a lot of math you can do at home,” Derr said. “We’re trying to get parents to see there are things every day that begin to teach (their kids) some of those basic skills. You want to have all learning to be fun because if it’s fun, you want to do more of it.”

What other ways can you think of to make elementary math exciting

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Make Elementary Math Exciting