Penny the puppy helps on the first day of school. As a full-time working mom of a four-year-old, I was warned that when my daughter first started school it would be tough.

Penny the Puppy Helps on the First Day of SchoolBut I guess I was so excited for her to develop new skills and make new friends that I didn’t think it would even faze me.

She was so excited for her first day and I couldn’t be a prouder mom. Watching her line up with the other kids waiting to enter the pre-kindergarten entrance at the elementary school seemed like a movie.

When the bell rang there were a few kids crying and clinging to their moms and dads, while the rest of the class started to enter the school. I got a quick hug and kiss in and in a flash she was off.

My little-miss-independent joyously marched in a straight line up the stairs, without batting an eye.

I was astounded as others around her couldn’t stop crying and their parents followed them inside. Then suddenly, in an instant I was alone on the playground and a tear out of nowhere ran down my check. Now where did that come from?

I guess the point is we never really know how to prepare ourselves or our children for their first of many years of school. I thought I was prepared on that first day, but in that very moment I realized how grown up and independent my daughter really was and there was no going back.

My daughter continues to love her teacher, new friends, and learning much more than I could have imagined at four. I am very grateful for her positive adjustment with starting school.

Penny_The_PuppyWith over 10 years of writing experience in the business world, I decided to start a series of children’s eBooks about a puppy named Penny.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start Penny’s adventures off than to talk about starting school. Even though I couldn’t prepare myself for the big day without shedding a tear, my daughter was ready and prepared.

You can start preparing your children for their first day of school by telling them what exciting things they can expect – so they aren’t anxious to begin.

So go on an adventure with Penny the Puppy, as she bubbles with excitement on her first day of school! Penny learns valuable lessons like sharing, listening, writing her name and helping out in the classroom.

Penny the Puppy Helps on the First Day of SchoolAs Penny’s confidence rises, so does her ability to write, recognize shapes, and count, and her parents couldn’t be prouder. Help prepare and excite your children on what to expect when first starting school with Penny the Puppy! It’s available now on Amazon. Also, be sure to like Penny the Puppy on Facebook.


Kristy Mills: As a full-time working mother of a four-year-old daughter and a devoted wife, she cherishes free time to express her creativity through writing children’s eBooks, scrapbooking her family’s special memories and traveling the world. She believes in living life to the fullest by spending time with family and friends and enjoys meeting people through experiencing new places and activities. Her children’s eBooks are inspired by her daughter’s endless wonder for life and its endless possibilities. It’s those special moments, along with unforgettable travel experiences that continue to inspire her passion for telling a memorable story through her photos and writing.

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Penny the Puppy Helps on the First Day of School