Project Based Learning Enhances the Common Core

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Recently on Sara Hallermann’s blog on Edutopia we found some exciting information on how project based learning enhances the common core. Also John Larmer, Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) made a contribution to this post.

As teachers implement the Common Core they’ve discovered project based learning is good because it becomes not just a daily lesson plan but part of the long-range contextual unit.

Research shows that higher level skills such as critical thinking and analysis plays a big role in leaning and project based learning enhances the Common Core.

Finding the right answer is not the singular goal, but giving students access to experiences that help them understand the world through project based learning allows them to learn to think for themselves and support their arguments with evidence.

Perseverance is Preserved Because Project Based Learning Enhances the Common Core

As students analyze and solve problems, they build their critical thinking skills in a sustained way and teachers who provide more opportunities for students to get feedback on their work-in-progress create an atmosphere of success for both themselves and their students.

Integrate Content and Create Relevance via Project Based Learning

Common Core requires teachers to move away from teaching skills in isolation and toward the integration of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language into long-term unit plans. Students should be able to see the relationship between standards as they transfer concepts and skills in the classroom to the world outside the classroom walls.

Rather than learning in a decontextualized way, Common Core demands that students have ongoing experiences to learn about the world through reading, and that they understand the relevance of what is taught.

Common Core requires a shift from teachers doing much of the talking to creating conditions in which students can engage in meaningful conversations in which they learn how to use evidence for claims, listen carefully, draw meaning and evaluate others’ reasoning.

Collaboration Creates Meaningful Conversations About New Learning and Opens More Doors for Students in Project Based Learning

Collaboration is a requirement in PBL. When students work in project teams and interface with people beyond the classroom, they have conversations about what they are learning, possible answers to the Driving Question, and how to create project products.

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Project Based Learning Enhances the Common Core

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