7 Secrets to Inspire a Love of Math in Your Child

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If your child needs math help, one way to ensure that they become engaged in their coursework is to help inspire a love of math. Read on for seven tried-and-true tips to help your child see the fun side of working with numbers. Trying just a few of these tactics will give them the boost they need to excel in their math classes at school.

Show Them How You Use Math Skills

If you openly hate math, your kids will pick up on that attitude. Instead, make it a point to point out how you use math skills in every day life, like when you’re balancing your checkbook or budgeting for a grocery visit.

Make it Fun

Look for math-inspired games, or games that are not math-related but require math skills to calculate points. Card games like Uno are a great example; you can also talk about concepts like area and volume by using building blocks, or teach origami if your child is struggling with geometry.

Give Them a Calculator

If your child loves playing with gadgets, give him or her a calculator to play with. You can even supplement with a simple project, like calculating the number of shower tiles or the surface area of a garden.

7 Secrets to Inspire a Love of Math in Your Child

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Start Early

As soon as your child understands the concept of numbers, begin to talk about math with them on a daily basis. For example, ask them what shape street signs are and how many sides they have.

Know What Your Child Should Be Learning

Find out your child’s math curriculum at the beginning of the year. This will give you a chance to plan fun games and activities that complement the skills they’ll be learning.

Tailor it to Their Interests

You know better than anyone else what your kid loves to do. The good news is that math can be incorporated into almost any activity. For example, if your child likes to make beaded jewelry, use that as an opportunity to inspire a love of math by planning for how many beads are needed, patterns, etc.

Challenge Them

If your child thinks they just aren’t good at math, prove them wrong. By giving them challenging problems to work on, you’re showing him or her that you have confidence in their math skills, which will give them the confidence they need to excel. By contrast, kids who aren’t challenged might think they just aren’t good enough to rise to the occasion.

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7 Secrets to Inspire a Love of Math in Your Child

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