How Tutors Can Benefit From Using Social Media

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Social media is a trend, but that does not mean it will not be around for a very long time. Social media is a trend that is here to stay and will grow. Here are some ways that a tutor may use social media and benefit from it.

Helps the student to seek out a good tutor

If you are a good tutor then you can expect a little help from social media as people set out to find out how good you are. There are going to be people who are happy with your service and are going to say good things about you online. This is a great benefit to good tutors

The tutor may establish expectations in a clear manner for the students

A tutor may use social media in order to establish clear expectations within the minds of his or her students. There need not be any fuzziness when it comes to what the tutor is going to provide and what is expected of the student. The tutor may also benefit from being able to disseminate this information to different departments, interested parties and student family members. This will help to alter their expectations for the better too.

Social media may be used to keep a set of consistent rules

The tutor is going to have to create rules and deadlines that were created by him or herself only. There may not be any institution to back up the deadline or rule. In other words, a student may be tempted to try and push for longer deadlines, or may push to bend the rules because he/she knows that the rules were only created (and are maintained) by the tutor.

How Tutors Can Benefit From Using Social Media

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In defense of this, the tutor may show (via social media) that the rules are there for a reason, and may show that the rules are long standing, and that is would be unfair to expose one student to a different set of rules. The tutor could also use social media to prove that his or her success is partly due to these rules, and that is why they must be obeyed.

A tutor may disseminate notes amongst the pupils

The tutor would be wise to send his or her students and email if the tutor comes up with some good notes that the students could use. However, the tutor could also put the notes on social media too. There is a chance that the email will be lost, or that it will simply be glanced at and ignored. Some people (especially younger people) are more prone to pay attention if something is posted on a social media site. The tutor could use this to his or her advantage when posting notes, but also when posting deadlines and other important information. The tutor may also keep referring to the notes posted on social media, and will have a URL to give the students when doing so.

Give people a clear understanding of your strengths and limitations

As a tutor, people are going to want to know a little bit of information about you before they can learn how to trust you. Parents and other concerned parties may also wish to learn a little more about you too. You can use social media as an advertising platform for your strengths and weaknesses.

As a tutor you can tell people what skills and knowledge you can offer as a tutor. Better still, as a tutor you can tell people how you like your job because it allows you the opportunity to apply and use all what you have learned..

Get to know your learners better

Social media is based upon a social network, which means you do have the opportunity to get to know your students a little better. You may be able to use the social media sites to understand your students and their comprehension of your subject. It may also indicate a few social trends that you were not aware of.

For example, the social media profiles you look at may all be of people who are fond of a certain thing. This may indicate the reasons why they took your class in the first place, and may help you to figure out another way of appealing to your students.

A good example would be “Friend-ing” your guitar lesson students on Facebook, and finding out that they are all fans of the game “Guitar Hero.” If this is the case then you could do a few things such as teaching them a few of the songs that appear on the game.

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How Tutors Can Benefit From Using Social Media

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