My Child is Simply Not MotivatedWHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

As we have discussed in each of the previous issues, problems related to school and homework have many different dimensions. Depending on the problems you are seeing at home, your child may: simply lack confidence in him/ herself, want some control, or need to be empowered with more Like most school-aged children and young adults, your child may simply be lacking a few key strategies to help them learn how to plan ahead, get organized, and learn more efficiently.

Each of these aspects are like links in a chain that, when hooked together, create motivation. However, as we know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If students are struggling with only one of these “links,” their overall level of motivation is in jeopardy.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?My Child is Simply Not Motivated

School and homework represent so much more than a few pages of a math book. Both are reflections of a student’s level of confidence, a lever for them to establish their place and voice within the family, and an opportunity to learn skills that reach far beyond the content of their textbooks and tests.

Also, due to demands of national and state curriculum, strains on teachers’ time and resources, and a lack of education/training for addressing more strategic learning skills, children (and parents) are often not adequately prepared in school for dealing with the real challenges that school presents.


If your child is not motivated in school, it is a sign that at least one -and maybe more- links in the chain are broken or weak. Most school-related problems can be addressed with a bit of insight, some communication, a small investment of time, and a couple of good strategies.

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My Child is Simply Not Motivated