Why Do We Read So Slowly?Why do we read so slowly in a book, when we can speed read the road in a car that is moving at seventy miles per hour effortlessly?

The answer to this question is important because the information you must read doubles every six months!   As a result , I know you agree that reading faster is essential for staying successful in today’s information-driven world.  This article will reveal the secret used by super-fast readers so you will want to read all the way to the end.

Speed Reading The Road

Driving in a car at 70 miles per hour requires a great deal of multi-tasking while speed reading the road.   You must monitor your gauges, fuel level, follow directions, and watch for road hazards.   Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it is boring.   So boring that you wind up listening to the radio, speaking to your friends, making a phone call or all of these choices at the same time.

So why do we read so slowly in a book, when we can drive and focus in four directions in a car?   The answer to that question can be found by learning how your brain is able to read text.

How Your Brain Reads Text

Why Do We Read So Slowly?While you were very young, your brain learned to identify letters with sounds.    Putting a group of these letters together created a word.    So the letters  “h o t” wound up creating the word hot.   Once your brain became comfortable with transforming letters into words, it began notching up this skill to the next level.

Look at the word “hot dog”.   These two words are a grouping that have a very different meaning than the individual words that form it.      You know you aren’t actually eating a pooch when you see the words hot dog.    You brain is now transforming a grouping of words into a single meaning.

Here’s another example of a word grouping:  United States Of America.   Although it is formed by four different words, your brain reads this as a single nation.   You can easily why you read so slowly when you are reading one word at a time instead of seeing words in larger groupings.

 Why Do We Read So Slowly?The Movie Experience

The reason it is so easy for you to read the road in four directions is because your brain processes all the information you are seeing like a movie.    You are constantly monitoring the information moving about you, and creating an inner movie that contains all the information.   However reading is typically performed very differently.

Why Do We  Read So Slowly?

Why do we read so slowly?   The reason is simple.  Instead of seeing a movie while reading in a book, you hear a voice coming from the back of your head that is pronouncing each word aloud:   One  Word   At   A   Time.

Reading is the only activity where you are using your eyes to hear information instead of seeing it, and this is the reason why you are reading so slowly in text.    Fortunately there is an easy way to begin seeing the movie in a book like you are seeing while driving in a car.

How To Read Faster

Learning to read faster is simple, and only takes a few minutes to learn.   First, get a timer, and a familiar non-fiction book that is easy for you to understand.  Why?   You want to make sure the only thing that can confuse you as your reading speed increases is your speed and not the complexity of your book.

Remember you are looking for a solution to the question about why do we read so slowly so it is important to follow these directions precisely.

If a book is difficult to understand at a slow reading speed, it is a poor choice to use while learning how to read faster.

Now get a timer and begin reading the first chapter of your book for one minute at your normal reading speed.  After the timer rings, put a little pencil mark in the margin so you can see how far you currently read in a single minute.

Now go to the next chapter of your book, and use your left hand to move your eyes across the page, one line at a time, as quickly as you can comprehend.   Keep increasing your speed till you can’t comprehend, and then slow back down enough for your comprehension to return.   This will enable you to determine the fastest speed at which you can read with your hands with understanding.

Practice moving your eyes with your hand for about ten minutes time at your peak comprehension rate.   The go back to the first chapter you used to test your reading speed.  This time test your speed using your hand, and you will be amazed.  You will be reading 10-20% faster with this one simple.

You’ve taken the first step towards becoming a speed reader by learning the solving the riddle about why do we read so slowly?

HOWARD BERGHoward Stephen Berg is recognized as the world’s fastest reader.  He has been helping students, professionals, and seniors learn super fast learning skills.   Howard has found the answer to the question everyone is asking about why do we read so slowly?

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Why Do We Read So Slowly?