Win an HD webcam by sharing your Skype in the classroom story.

2013 was an incredible year for Skype in the classroom. We’re lucky to have a community of more than 75,000 teachers, like you, that are leading the way in integrating technology into your schools.

You have created new ways of exploring the world by inventing games like Mystery Skype, and discovered what is possible when classrooms are globally connected.

Your students have called explorers on Mount Everest and met elephants from Thailand. You’ve spoken to research scientists, authors and business leaders. Most importantly, by speaking to each other, you have helped teachers everywhere show students the world outside the walls of their classroom.

To celebrate the amazing things that have been happening, we have created a new place to share your favorite Skype moments.

To say thank you, we also have 50 awesome HD webcams to give away. What has been the best Skype moment in your classroom.

Many thanks,
Skype in the classroom team