Students Start a Tutoring Program
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Sharing a love of learning was the motivation behind the idea that students start a tutoring program.  Andrew Furash, a senior at Viewpoint School, is keen on sharing his love of learning with younger students who need help with their schoolwork.

In January 2012, when Andrew was a sophomore, he launched a free tutoring program for elementary and middle school students at the Calabasas Library.

“This endeavor turned into meaningful interaction with students who were simply struggling to learn and, more importantly, struggling to find joy in learning,” Andrew said.

During the walk-in Love to Learn tutoring sessions, high school honors students offer help with homework, in-class assignments and other academic work.

“Kids always need help in math and English,” Andrew said.

 Students Start a Tutoring Program
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He said that through tutoring he’s learned that some students don’t engage as readily in their schoolwork, not because they are less capable than others but because they don’t yet appreciate the fun of learning.

“ I want Love to Learn to change that,” Andrew said. “I want to teach kids how to teach themselves and to become self sufficient so they can go on in life.”

He said he believes the quest for knowledge is a basic human characteristic.

Karilyn Steward, a librarian in Calabasas, said Andrew has “an incredible work ethic,” adding that he’s polite, knowledgeable and persuasive when he needs to be.

He knows how to work with parents and treats everyone with respect while making sure they get the most from the program, she said.

As a tutor, Andrew said, he seeks to establish rapport with the students and their parents.

“It’s a collaborative effort. As a parent, I would want to know who is tutoring my kid. It’s important to have friendliness and openness between tutors and parents,” he said, adding that, among other things, he asks parents to explain what their child is having trouble with in school.

Fifteen Viewpoint students participate in the Love to Learn tutoring program.

“All of the tutors on my roster are committed to the program and feel the same passion for learning that I do,” Andrew said.

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 Students Start a Tutoring Program
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