7 Habits of Highly Effective Students or Learn How to Study Like a Champ
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Attending school should be an exciting time in your life that will eventually lead you to a successful career. No matter what stage of schooling you are in, it is important to learn how you study best—otherwise, you can really get behind and develop bad habits that could effect your ability to succeed in school in the future. If you’re still trying to break into good study habits, read ahead for a few ideas for getting serious about your studies, and coming out victorious!

Schedule Study Time

It is important you don’t simply study when you feel you have time. Get on a good schedule and stick to it. For example, if you should be an early riser and have a couple of hours to yourself, then this would be an excellent time to study when it is quiet and you are fresh. It can be tough to fit study time into your schedule on top of going to class and homework. However, you can’t just say you will get to studying when you “have time.” You’ll find that if you wait for a good time to study, you’ll never be in the mood to do it. Set up a schedule and you’ll have much more success with having consistent study sessions.

Hit the Hard Subjects First with Good Study Habits

Most everyone has a subject that they simply dread. Rather than putting this off until last, you should tackle it at the very beginning of your study time. This will allow you the relief of having it finished, and you should be able to enjoy the rest of your subjects once it is done. If you don’t focus on this subject from the get-go, you’ll make excuses not to study, and put it off until the last minute.

Get a Study Buddy

While trying to study with a friend can sometimes turn into a fun time of gossip and snacking, you could do well if you pick a classmate who is serious about their work to be your study buddy. This will give you an opportunity to compare notes, ask each other potential quiz or test questions and have someone on hand to help you figure something out you may be having trouble with.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Students or Learn How to Study Like a Champ
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Study Every Day

While it is natural to want a day off, getting into the habit of studying each day will greatly increase your chances for success. You should be able to have shorter study times this way, and you will have the opportunity to refresh your mind for upcoming tests as well. Looking over your material each day will ensure you have it securely in your memory, and you will do well in your subjects.

Treat Yourself

It is perfectly fine to treat yourself as a reward for your good study habits. When you have been successful, go out for ice-cream or a favorite treat when you have finished. You may also give yourself some mini treats between subjects, such as listen to a favorite song or have a miniature candy bar. The incentive can really help you stick to your study time.

Overcome Distractions

Many people are proud of their ability to multitask, but your study time is not the right time to work on this skill. Turn off the television, music, phone and background computer programs. Put your full attention into your study time to get the best effects out of it. If you still have a hard time putting distractions away, consider studying in the library. If you try to study at home, you will be tempted to get a snack, take a nap, or text your friends. If you’re in the library where everyone else is studying, it will be much easier to focus on the task at hand.

Get Help from a Tutor

If you continue to experience poor study habits, consider hiring a tutor. While tutors are generally available to help those who are struggling in a certain subject, they can also be invaluable in learning new ways to utilize your study time. You can generally find a good tutor through flyers or business cards they post around campus or through a friend who has used a tutor in the past. Some of your instructors may also be able to suggest a good tutor for you.

All of these tips have the potential to help you utilize your study time better. However, it is a good idea to try various things until you hit on the exact combination of factors that allow you to develop good study habits and ultimate success in your future.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Students or Learn How to Study Like a Champ
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