Boost Learning with Better Metabolism

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Memory and focus are obviously dependent on good brain function but the best way to improve the brain is often ignored and that is to boost learning with better metabolism.

The brain is unquestionably the most highly metabolic organ in the body. It weighs only about 3 pounds, yet it uses more than one fourth of all the body’s oxygen and blood sugar.

Imagine if just running your computer gobbled up one fourth of all the gas and electricity needed to run your entire home.  That’s how important brain metabolism is to the rest of the body, including it’s learning ability.

What’s easily the biggest factor to boost learning with better metabolism and controlling that metabolism?  Surprisingly, it’s THYROID HORMONE.

The thyroid gland controls all body metabolism.  Therefore, thyroid controls brain metabolism. In other words, thyroid drives the brain, and the brain drives the mind. 

All focus, learning, and memory are dependent on proper levels of thyroid hormone. If thyroid function is hampered, learning ability will be decreased.

An even mildly thyroid-imbalanced person often has a brain fog, obscuring their concentration and memory.  Thyroid patients often report that when reading, they frequently fail to understand or recall what they have read.

So what?  Thyroid function is pretty normal in most people most of the time. Right? 

WRONG!  Due to increasing pollution with hormone-disrupting synthetic chemicals, thyroid problems have silently become one of the world’s most common illnesses.  Pharmacists fill more prescriptions for thyroid pills than for almost any other category of medicine.

But here’s the rub.  Despite 25-30 million taking a thyroid prescription, more than half of the people who actually do have this condition are left undiagnosed and untreated.  Neither they nor their doctors know they are suffering from it. 

Thus, the chance that you or a loved one may have some degree of thyroid imbalance, is well worth considering, even if you have ‘so called’ normal tests.  Moreover, even mild borderline thyroid problems can cause decreased learning.

Thyroid illness, though exceedingly common in the older population, can strike at any age.  It is frequently triggered by the onset of puberty. It often presents with only mental symptoms, such as decreased focus and concentration.

Boost Learning with Better Metabolism

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O.K., so now what can we do?  That’s easy.  Get properly tested with a highly sensitive panel of thyroid tests.  This is much more accurate than a regular TSH blood test at a regular lab. The hew home test kits are far more accurate.

Yes, just like a home test kit for early pregnancy, a highly accurate home test kit for thyroid is now available without a doctor’s order.  Simply go to and click on the “Basic Thyroid Profile” to obtain the best tests from a top government certified lab.

Once you send in a finger-prick blood sample, your results are emailed back to you, printed out in a color-coded, easy to understand interpretation guide.  If you find abnormal thyroid levels, you may then choose to do some over-the-counter natural thyroid boosters.  There are many good books and articles to help you in this purpose.

If you are not happy with a do-it-yourself approach, simply take these results to your health practitioner, explain they are from a CLIA certified lab, and ask for a trial of prescription thyroid medicine.  Improvement often follows quite quickly.  Good luck for an exciting journey!

Thyroid-caused depression,anxiety, sleep problems, and excessive irritability are each often found as the only symptoms expressed by the thyroid condition. 

Memory problems in particular are frequently found as mental symptoms of a thyroid problem

Brain research reveals a strong hormonal metabolic basis for memory

The brain drives the mind and the thyroid drives the brain.

The high prevalence of thyroid imbalance is astonishing.  It is a hidden epidemic, accelerated by growing pollution of our air, food, and water with hormone-disrupting synthetic chemicals.

Even mildly low thyroid can cause memory to be diminished.  Memory difficulties are now in epidemic proportion. So are thyroid conditions. These two epidemics are related.

Happily for millions of people, thyroid-related memory impairment is easily treated and quickly reversible.

Richard ShamesRichard L. Shames, M.D. is a Harvard trained thirty-year practicing physician who, in addition to office visits, provides hormone health telephone coaching via his website, Particularly helpful for understanding thyroid connections to learning and memory would be his recent book, Thyroid Mind Power (Rodale Press) He is an expert on how to boost learning with better metabolism

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Boost Learning with Better Metabolism

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