As teachers and parents we understand the importance of pre-school education for kids. And thanks to modern technologies we have more opportunities to make this process very interesting and diverse for our small students: mobile applications developers do everything to attract more clients. Fortunately for us, they do not forget about developing good educational apps as well.

10 Best Educational Apps for KidsHere are 10 best educational apps for kids that every parent and educator may use, make them learn new useful and interesting information, and help them understand this world better. Some of of these work for Apple devices only, other ones are good for both Apple and Android, but ALL of them have enough features that make them worth trying.

1. Reading Bear
This online free program will help you teach reading to kids. Phonetic patterns let them learn vocabulary (more than 1,200 words) quickly and easily. This program is designed as a kind of hybrid: it contains videos, e-books and PowerPoint bright presentations to make it interesting for kids and involve them into the process of study. Reading Bear was designed by Larry Sanger, a co-founder of
Wikipedia: he carefully edited each presentation and made it fun and easy to perceive for young students.

2. PicsArt for Kids
This application will work perfectly for very small kids who take their first steps in education. They will draw and color different things and animals, which is a very good way to teach them simple vocabulary, shapes and forms.

We all know that kids like colorful pictures. So, it will be interesting for them to work with this application. Plus, this app helps children learn some new words.10 Best Educational Apps for Kids

3. Wonders of the Universe
Help your small students learn the world and our universe better. This colorful and easy-to-use application is designed for iPad and iPhone, and it lets you take a journey to different planets and stars of the Solar System.  Created by Brian Cox, a professor at the University of Manchester and a physicist, Wonders of the Universe can be called a real prize for parents or teachers who work with small kids. It includes hundreds of bright infographics designed and explained for both kids and adults, and this application has been even called one of the best apps created in 2012.

4. SkyORB
As well as Wonders of the Universe, SkyORB is an application for those parents and educators who want to teach astronomy to kids. It includes such features as 3D planetarium,weather forecast, real-time sky rendering, moon phases, the Solar System zoom, and much more.

SkyORB is designed for iPhone and iPad, and it is totally free to download and use. This is a good way to make a kid interested in the universe, sky, planets, stars, and the world around him.