5. SlateMath for Kids
38 activities are prepared for parents and educators who want to teach math to kids. SlateMath helps them develop their mathematical intuition: small students will learn numbers, counting, problem solving, order relations, and many other basic mathematical issues.

Kids will definitely like learning math through playful interaction. Bright and exciting games make it more interesting for children and easier for educators to involve their small students into the process of study. SlateMath had been endorsed by many teachers, and this fact makes this application worth trying by all means.

6. Numbler
We all know and remember Words Scrambler, and it’s high time to try Numbler with your kid – the application for iPad that lets you form different equations from numbers. This app will be suitable for both kids and adults, as it is a fun way to sharpen math skills and challenge other players online or yourself against a computer.

7. PBS Parents Play & Learn
It is designed for parents who look for both entertaining and educational games to play with their kids. All games are interactive, and they help kids learn the world around them, and how to behave at the grocery store or in the kitchen for example; they connect literacy skills and math, helping maximize a kid’s learning experience.

What does this application include? 13 games with parent notes, 52 hands-on activities, notifications with new ideas for parents (weekly ones). PBS Parents Play & Learn is free to use, and it will fit your iPad for sure.

8. Alphabet Projector
The following application is a must-try for every educator who works with small kids in kindergarten to prepare them for school. It lets you teach alphabet to every kid independently or the whole group in general. Bright pictures and user-friendly interface make it easy to use Alphabet Projector, and there will be no problem for an educator to involve small kids into the process of study.

Developed by teachers, this application for iPad will become your best helper if you work with pre-kindergarten or kindergarten children.

9. SpellingCity
This application fits both iOS and Android devices, and it will help your kid learn right spelling of different words. It’s an interesting and funny way to struggle with this problem: 8 exciting games will make a child spell like a champion! The application is free to use, and it includes such challenges for a kid as quiz, scrambles, alphabetizing, and missing-letter exercises.

10. See. Touch. Learn.
It’s a well known fact, that kids learn better with picture cards. They are deservedly called a part of effective learning, and many educators use such cards to teach new words and concepts to kids. See. Touch. Learn makes it possible for educators to combine the effectiveness of this method and digital technologies of modern time.

More than 4000 pictures and more than 2000 different exercises for kids had been developed by pro teachers for this application. Use it to plan your lessons, involve your small students into the process of study, and make your lesson interactive and interesting for kids to attend.

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 10 Best Educational Apps for Kids