If you’re looking to learn more about Earth Day (celebrate on April 22nd), want curriculum for your classroom or homeschool activites, our HowtoLearn.com staff sought out what we believe are the Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites.

What does Earth Day mean to you?

To us it’s gratitude – for the clean air we breathe, for our magestic mountains, for pure water everywhere, and for new and proven ways to create a conscious and sustainable life.

“My personal tribute to Earth Day is to honor the earth by memorializing some of its most precious resources in these photos” (Pat Wyman, founder of HowtoLearn.com)

Earth Day

Photo Credit: Pat Wyman

The Best Sites to Introduce Environmental Issues into the Classroom or your Homeschool Lessons

1) Author Larry Ferlazzo’s website has too many Earth Day learning sites to count! This is a remarkable site, chock full of resources. Highly recommended!

Pinterest Earth Day learning activities for Kids

Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites

Photo Credit: Pat Wyman


2) This Pinterest page is literally full of great images and Earth Day activities for the whole family.

3)  Enchanted Learning has Earth Day activities galore – print them out and share with your students and family

4) Edtopia has lesson plans, reading lists and classroom ideas

Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites

Photo Credit: Pat Wyman


5. Earth Day pre-school activities on Pinterest

6. TeacherVision.com has printables, lessons and activities

7. PlanetPals.com has loads of educational activities

8. How Stuff Works has a great article by Alison Cooper with activities and games – one of our favorites!

9. Family Education has 10 earth-friendly crafts for kids

10. Wikihow has some 9 unique ways to honor the planet on Earth Day. Check them out!

Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites

Photo Credit: Pat Wyman

Article by Pat Wyman –  founder of HowtoLearn.com. Wyman is the recipient of the James Patterson Page Turner Award for her work to enhance literacy, best-selling author of several books including Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster and a series of children’s books to help kids overcome their fear of first time events including Jackson’s First Day of School. Wyman and her team researched the Best 10 Earth Day Learning Sites for this article.