Having breakfast in the classroom is a new way to start the day for many elementary school students.  Rather than arriving early to school, breakfast is served in the classroom which makes it possible for children to have a nutritious meal without being rushed, and also makes breakfast an essential part of their day.

In Washington Township New Jersey, the “Breakfast in the Classroom” program delivers a bag sealed with cereal, an additional grain, fruit juice and milk which will be delivered along with the meal to the classrooms.

Breakfast in the Classroom“The program started because we wanted to ensure our students were eating a nutritious meal prior to starting their day in school,” said Food Service Manager for Washington Township schools Shawn Rembelinsky. “We currently serve any student who comes to the cafeteria [for breakfast] but many studies have shown how allowing our children to settle in before breakfast helps improve their daily work, their behavior their grades and willingness to learn.”

On the first day more than 120 meals were served, versus the 30 meals that are served before school, and many kids brought in permission slips to start receiving breakfast, she said.

“Some kids need some time to get themselves together,” Rembelinsky said. “I can personally attest to this as both my daughters, who are now adults, were in this category.”

According to a press release from the district, students will be offered the meal regardless of their meal status.Breakfast in the Classroom

Those who are on the reduced plan will have an option to purchase breakfast for $0.30; those on the paid plan will be offered the meal at $2.00; and those who qualify for the free lunch will automatically receive free breakfast.

“Gary Breen, the principal, was first to volunteer his school,” Rembelinsky said. “We [the staff] are excited for the program as it will benefit the students and teachers alike.”

The breakfast will start off cold and gradually transition into some hot meals after everyone is settled, Rembelinsky said.

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