A new student record system is tracking student behavior problems so that schools can predict troublesome behavior.
Tracking Student Behavior Problems

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The system creates a more complete trail of discipline incidents for the school and for students, said Tracey Kinney, Laramie County School District 1 assistant superintendent of instruction.

“The student information system will hopefully provide earlier interventions for behavior that might escalate,” she said. “We can start targeting interventions right away so we don’t have more serious behavior later.”

Patterns the system might help identify include things like students being chronically tardy in elementary school, which could progress to truancy and eventually make the student a dropout risk, she said.

The computer record can help schools keep a more complete log, especially if students move several times to different schools within the district, she said.

Reports are entered by teachers or principals, Kinney said, and parents can ask their school’s principal to view the file for their student.

Several principals said the program is making the process of reporting incidents smoother.

“It seems like a lot less paperwork,” Cheyenne’s Baggs Elementary Principal Larry Bowman said. “The teacher can enter the incident, and I can enter who the student was and what the resulting action was, and we don’t have to use paper.”

Tracking Student Behavior Problems

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The school’s policy is to notify parents every time something is added, he said.

Several principals said they haven’t had complaints from parents about the tracking portion of the program or that they weren’t being notified when items were added to their student’s files.

“It’s been working very well for us. We’ve not had any concerns from parents about tracking,” Cheyenne’s Johnson Junior High Principal John Balow said.

It’s typical for parents to be notified if a student is involved in an incident, he said.

The data system also allows for buildings to determine places where trouble often happens, he said.

“As a building, we track where specific incidents are happening so we can adjust supervision,” Balow said. “If we have a spike in bullying behavior, we can adjust resources.”

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Tracking Student Behavior Problems

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