Teachers are finding that they can include Common Core standards in many areas, and now Common Core comes to gym class.  “Engage Your Body, Engage Your Brain” is a curriculum plan that includes various activities that can be done in gym which incorporate Common Core Standards. 

Its a fun and original way to extend learning throughout the day..Teachers Erin Sabyan, Michelle Poelsterl, Julie Misner and Christie Griffin are the teachers behind the work.

Common Core Comes to Gym Class

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The teachers had an audience of about 300 fellow educators at the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance state convention in November at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles. In April, the group took the presentation to the 2014 American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance National Convention in St. Louis.

The teachers were thrilled to present in front of so many people and receive positive feedback. Their audience at the national conference included teachers from Kansas, Florida, Hawaii and other states.

Sabyan already gives many presentations as part of a national honor she received in 2011, but she said the “Engage” presentation was by far her favorite.

“We’re showing that through positive collaboration and communication, we can provide the total educational experience for students,” said Sabyan, a PE teacher at Anderson Elementary School.

Common Core Comes to Gym Class

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Sabyan and Poelsterl, a reading specialist at Anderson, have worked together for seven years on cross-curricular activities. Griffin was a reading specialist at Anderson, but was transferred to Norton Creek Elementary as an instructional support coach. She joined the presentation group along with Julie Misner, a Norton Creek PE teacher.

The school district’s teachers have incorporated Common Core Standards for a few years already, but now it is a bigger part of teacher evaluations and at the state level.Misner hoped the presentation showed teachers that they don’t have to completely redo their lesson plans, but just dig deeper into the activities they already do to include Common Core Standards.

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