Here’s an easy spring science lesson craft to learn about the weather and the wind, while you’re enjoying the warmer days outdoors.

easy spring science lesson craft

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 This lesson plan with two different windsock projects are from Kevin J. Sewart, author of Making Masterpieces!

Artists of all ages will be able to quickly create this easy spring science lesson craft with just a few supplies, creativity and a windy day with which to enjoy them!

The Trimmer/Streamer Windsock (p.103) uses bulletin board borders (Trimmers) on the edge of painted tag (thick paper), along with streamers and string.                   

easy spring science lesson craft

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This will decorate and enjoy your patio, deck, backyard or balcony.

Directions for Easy Spring Science Lesson Craft 

Using a paper bag and stick-a-lick shapes, it is easy to create my Paper Bag Fish Windsock (p.73). Scales are beautifully depicted with layers of different colored stick-a-lick shapes.

Streamers or shredded tissue creates whimsical fins which move in the wind. Both of these projects are easy to hang and show how the various directions that the wind can blow each move the windsocks in different ways.

Children can learn about the flow of gases across the surface of the planet and will always remember their handmade way to tell which way the wind is blowing.

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Kevin J. Sewart is the author of Making Masterpieces and gives hundreds of workshops for early childhood teachers all over the country. He also works for Hygloss Company, one of the school industry’s leading art and educational supply companies and is a fantastic resource for teachers, educators and educational product sellers.

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