An opportunity for empowering middle school girls with STEM Savvy was enthusiastically received by over 100 seventh and eighth grade girls from 14 school districts.  Wayne County Community College’s Downriver campus hosted a day of workshops and encouragement from role models working in STEM fields. 

The project, named “Stem Savvy”  provided a day of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics interactive workshops.  The event featured professional women in scientific career fields, set up by the American Association of University Women Wyandotte-Downriver.

Empowering Middle School Girls with STEM Savvy

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In one workshop students made models of early hominid brains, while in another they learned to build their own windmills.

Deb Kennedy, president of AAUW Wyandotte-Downriver, said that STEM day is a pilot program that best compares to a one-day science camp

“The number of women in the STEM fields is very few,” Kennedy said. “It’s been discovered through research that AAUW and college studies that the career (path) decision is made in the middle school years whether to go into the sciences or not – generally to not go into them. This is why we are targeting this age group.”

Casey Papp, 14 and Clarissa Hoye, 13, of Woodhaven both enjoyed their day, picking different sessions as their favorites.

“I liked the technology because I am very into photography and I liked learning about the colors and the animation,”  Papp said.

“I liked the chemistry because I liked the hands-on experiments,” Hoye said. “I think this was nice because then you have an idea of what you want to do when you get older and what jobs you might like.”

The keynote speaker was Denise Brooks-Williams, chief executive officer and president on Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.  Students picked a choice of three out of six workshops to attend, which included presentations on medicine, chemistry, engineering, and graphic arts and photography.

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Empowering Middle School Girls with STEM Savvy

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