A game of life teaches financial literacy to a class of sixth graders, who have been getting married, getting jobs, and building houses.as part . The personal finance unit of the Life Builder Project has been an eye opening adventure for the students. 

The game presents real life scenarios through chance.  Some receive raises, some lose jobs.  After drawing from the Bucket of Life, some have to pay for a speeding ticket or an expensive home repair.

Game of Life Teaches Financial Literacy

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The project, taught by sixth grade math teacher Joshua Davis (sixth grade math teacher Shelley Turpin also is teaching some personal financial literacy classes), has proven to be educational and surprising.

“It was a depressing day around here when they found out how much of their money would go to Uncle Sam,” Davis said.

As part of the unit, students are married, or single, with or without children, and are assigned jobs. They created a budget and are currently in the process of designing their homes.

Davis said that the marriage part of the unit was both entertaining and educational.

“Trust me — some hilarious matches,” he said. “And it also provides the opportunity for the students to collaborate on a project that requires a lot of work.”

Game of Life Teaches Financial Literacy

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Peyton Moldenhauer said the unit has helped her understand what her parents go through when dealing with finances.

Moldenhauer is “married” to Reymundo Chavez. She is a dentist, and he is an aircraft mechanic.

“This is what we make per month,” Moldenhauer said, pointing to the $9,559 listed in her budget.

It will come in handy. The couple has five children.

“It has been expensive. We have to spend more money on groceries,” Moldenhauer said.

Brett Beckmann, a conservation scientist, and her “husband” Ethan Hernandez, an air traffic controller, must provide for a 12-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. They are already out $500, after drawing from the Bucket of Life.

“We had a toilet that clogged and a pipe that burst,” Beckmann said.

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Game of Life Teaches Financial Literacy

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