New possibilities are available for future high school graduates, as a high school German class opens up new careers for students.  With two full time German teachers, Providence High School has set in motion some new aspirations for students, including job possibilities working with German companies. 

Providence High School is one of Charlotte’s largest schools and it has the largest German program in North Carolina

High School German Class Opens Up New Careers for Students
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The program recently added a German VI class for qualified students wanting advanced education in the language. The Providence Deutsch Klub, the school’s biggest club, has more than 300 members.

Students say there is something about studying the German language that helps them think logically and be successful in other areas of their lives.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” said Rachel Pomerantz, 17, a German Club vice president who said she initially chose German as a second alternate on her class schedule. “It’s probably been the best ‘accident’ that’s happened to me.”

Pomerantz plans to major or minor in German in college and possibly work for a German company. “It’s definitely had an impact on my career aspirations,” she said.

The German Club and language program offers students a wide range of opportunities to learn the language and culture of German-speaking countries. The school recently hosted a group of German

High School German Class Opens Up New Careers for Students
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exchange students, and host students will visit their German counterparts for three weeks this summer.

German Club members also attend language immersion weekends, apply for grants to travel to Germany and sign up for kaffeeklatsch, where they bring snacks for teachers.

They meet for dinner, attend local sporting and arts events together and work on community service projects.

Thirty-five members of the German Club recently competed in German Day 2014, a German-language competition hosted by Wake Forest University for public and private high schools and immersion-language middle schools in North Carolina.

For the fourth consecutive year, Providence was named the overall school winner in the competition, which is sponsored by the N.C. Chapter of American Association of Teachers of German and includes everything from German poetry recitation to extemporaneous speaking – in German.

University language professors and graduate students served as judges.

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High School German Class Opens Up New Careers for Students
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