Do you ever get the feeling that your efforts are unappreciated?

That what you are saying is “falling on deaf ears”?

Maybe you catch yourself saying, “Someday they’ll thank me…”

But right now, regardless of what you say or do, your son, daughter, student or player refuses to see the importance of it all.

It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, and it’s nerve wracking!

As adults, we know what’s at stake, and we have a vision of what needs to occur for our children to be set up for success.  The problem is that most kids fail to realize and embrace the vision because they don’t have the life experience to grasp it or appreciate it.

That’s why you must become comfortable with these 2 requirements…

Coach John Baxter inspires student athletes 1. The realization that “You Are a Sower Not A Reaper.

Unfortunately, the job of leading young people to lifelong success requires an acceptance that your main role is to plant the seeds, NOT harvest the fruit.  In order to achieve a successful harvest, you must plant seeds in fertile soil.  FERTILE SOIL! In other words, your student must understand the 2 critical elements that lead to an open mind and attitude, or your efforts will never materialize.

2. You Must Be A Coach

The difference between coaching and teaching is that teaching is an assembly line process. A teacher can only teach until they run out of time, whereas a coach must teach until the student gets it.  Thus the reason most effective teachers view themselves as coaches or mentors instead of teachers.

The first 15 years of my career, I simply had to trust that these 2 concepts were correct, as I had no assurance that they were the truth.  However, after 30 years of working with student-athletes from all socio-economic, ethnic and environmental backgrounds I have confirmed that only the names change. The problems and the issues are the same.

Academic Gameplan Life Skills

If you adopt the above and teach the 2 Elements That Schools Don’t Teach with relentless faith in the fact that you are sowing seeds that WILL grow, I guarantee your child, student, or player will be thanking you in 10 years.

Stay the course, maintain your beliefs, relentlessly coach young people until they get it and give them the coaching they won’t get in school, and then watch them grow.  Maybe it’s 1 year, maybe it’s 10 years, but through life’s experience, the young people you mentor will grow to appreciate your efforts. I PROMISE!

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Coach John BaxterCoach John Baxter  Recognized leader in developing the student side of the student athlete, and best selling author. Coach has spent his 30-year coaching career inspiring young people to approach education with purpose, focus, and a clear plan. Families, high schools and major Universities have implemented his mentoring program.