Pretend Play Ideas and Activities

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Parent support and help is needed when encouraging pretend play ideas and activities.  Parents can create a space for the playtime, or supply a box of materials and props to promote pretend play.  Here is a list of some of the items that could encourage pretend play with young children:

  • Dress up materials- costumes, hats, shoes, scarves, jewelry
  • Items for playing school – a blackboard, eraser, pencils, chalk, books, notes, texts, table, chairs and other materials that are usually used in a classroom.

  • Pretend play Doctor kits containing play and artificial stethoscope, aprons, syringes, bottles, forceps, bandages, thermometer and others

  • Pretend play home building kits or blocks

  • Kitchen kits containing all those items that are used in an actual kitchen

  • Large plastic crates, blocks, or boxes to create an artificial room

  • Painting and writing tools

  • Phones, phone books and magazines

  • Garden and outdoor tools

  • Barbie and other types of dolls

  • Zoo materials

  • Beauty shop materials

  • Travel materials

Note: Pretend play sessions are also possible without using the above-mentioned tools.

Pretend Play Ideas and Activities

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Playing with others and playing alone

Children can pretend play with others either at home or in a school setting. Children learn how to pretend play with other children because it provides them an opportunity to learn many new things like:

  • Team building

  • Collaboration

  • Sharing joy and sorrow apart from materials

  • Exploring possibilities and options

  • Decision making

  • Exploring surrounding

  • Decision making

  • Goal setting

  • Sharing experiences with other children

  • Negotiating skills

  • Finding out solutions and improvising them

  • Developing motivation and success handling skills

Note: At home, children may play together or play as alone. Playing alone is a restricted adventure although it provides an opportunity for the child to self-introspect. He or she can choose and select own materials to play. Children playing alone need constant support from their parents.

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Pretend Play Ideas and Activities

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