School Hosts Its Own Comic-Con for Students

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Fifth graders are excited about reading as their school hosts its own conic-con for students, for the second year

Students in Kristi Reedy’s fifth grade class are embarking on a new way to understand reading through comics.  And this year, they are keeping Triton Central Middle School safe from villains.

New blockbuster movies involving X-Men and Captain America have only increased the level of interest in reading more about these super heroes.

 Comic-Con Triton will be in full swing for one evening, thanks to Reedy.

“This year’s event is much bigger and much better than last year. In fact, it’s growing every single day, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Reedy said.

For Reedy, this is year two of a plan she had last year.

School Hosts Its Own Comic-Con for Students

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While not growing up reading comics, Reedy began researching the use of comics in the classroom.

“I’ve learned a lot about the literacy benefits of using comics in the classroom, but I am starting to realize that comics really hit on something much deeper. There is a true sense of community within the comic world. As I travel around to comic stores, comic conventions and sometimes just random places where I’m not actively seeking comics, people are quick to offer their time, services, financial support, and of course, their comics,” Reedy said.

Reedy said she’s heard from numerous adult men who have said that comic books were important to their reading development.

“Many of them credit comic books as the first reading material that actually made them love reading, and then they eventually branched out to other genres. I’ve seen the same thing happen with my students,” she said.

All those reasons are why Reedy wanted to bring the event back during the 2013-14 school year.

 “Comics have meant so much to so many people over the years that people have an overwhelming desire to do whatever they can to make sure the next generation shares their same passion for all things comic. As a teacher, I want my kids to understand their place within their community and the importance of giving back to that community. Community has been our theme this year in fifth grade, and learning about how comics tell the social stories of our time is just one more way for us to get involved with and to understand our community,” Reedy said.

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School Hosts Its Own Comic-Con for Students

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