You must  do work in order to observe work. That work can come in the form of internships or it can be the summer job that pays the bills but does not seem important.

Being a barista for example, you can learn about the power of excellent customer service and you can be an observer of human behavior.

It is an important experience and is marketable  if used  properly. Work can also be service on behalf of others.

Creating a project to help others during the summer is work requiring a number of high level skills. Volunteering for an organization you believe in may provide a chance to engage also with people like those you may want to be some day.  

Doing lots of work at once teaches how to multi task. An employer will look more favorably on the student who graduates with a high GPA and has a job and has a couple of serious extracurricular activities with leadership roles and has a hobby that takes time too.

Doing things even during the summer will help you fit at work.

The main thing is that this summer reading, observing others, aligning with mentors and working hard can help you be the kind of student that employers will be happy to hire.

top 4 things college students can do to fit into the workplace

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top 4 things college students can do to fit into the workplace

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