If you have a child that has trouble paying attention for an extended period of time, you’re probably having a tough time trying to figure out how to get him or her to focus when it comes to school, homework, or maybe any task in general. Kids need to focus in order to learn, but talking to them or scolding them often doesn’t help much. Thankfully, with the technology available today, you can make learning fun for your child and train their brain to focus without them even realizing it.

How to Use Technology to Help Your Focus Challenged ChildMathPad Plus

This software can be used on Macs and Windows and can help kids with their math work. Teachers, tutors or parents can put problems on the computer for a child to solve, and the child can have immediate, auditory feedback. By using a software that turns math into something visual and auditory with immediate results, a child will be more likely to be able to focus for longer amounts of time.


This website has over 150,000 audiobooks available. Because kids with attention problems have trouble sitting still, reading can often seem like torture to them. Audiobooks allow kids to color, play with tinker toys or exercise while getting information.

Focus PocusHow to Use Technology to Help Your Focus Challenged Child

NeuroSky, in partnership with the University of Wollogong, did decades of research in developing an entertaining application designed to improve a child’s working memory, impulse control, and focus when paired with NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobile headset. Focus Pocus also includes FocusIn, a tool that allows parents to access daily in-depth progress reports, reward their child, and recommend better practices to ensure their child is reaching their full potential .


Kids who have a hard time focusing often seem to have two modes – either they can’t sit still at all, or they’re hyper-focused and nothing can distract them. Either way, keeping track of time is hard. When kids can’t focus at all, they tend to check the clock every five seconds, but when they’re hyper-focused, they could forget to check the time for hours. The WatchMinder3 is a vibrating wristwatch, so kids can feel when the time is up instead of having to check visually.

Khan Academy

This website is designed to play like a video game – kids earn points for learning math concepts, and everything is broken up into bite-sized chunks. Because of its similarity to a video game, kids can focus for long periods of time.

Technology is often seen as a distraction, but if you find the right kind of technology, it can actually help your child focus in on learning. It can be challenging to have a child that struggles to stay focused—challenging for both you and the child. However, if you take advantage of the technology available today, you can make learning fun for your kids and help them train their brain to focus. If you have a child that struggles with distractions, learning disabilities, or attention disorders, enlist the help of the vast technologies that can help your child learn at their own pace.

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How to Use Technology to Help Your Focus Challenged Child