A unique collaboration between schools and a corporate programs helps kids give back and learn about nutrition and budgeting.

A recent donation by fourth graders from Krystal Pino’s class to the Center for Food Action in Englewoood, NJ was the culimnation of a class project which combined social awareness with learning about math and nutrition. Children learned about food, budgets, and outreach.

Kids Give Back and Learn About Nutrition and Budgeting

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Peapod’s Kids Give Back program is the educational and philanthropic effort by the online grocer to offer children in school a chance to lean about nutrition and healthy choices while practicing everyday math skills and helping others in their community.

Pino explained why she chose to have her class participate in the Kids Give Back Program.

“At the end of the day, my job is to prepare the students for the real world, and there’s really no greater feeling than watching that happen,” she said.

A Peapod representative visited the classroom to discuss with students the concepts of giving back to the community, nutrition, and making healthy choices in food selection, all while being cognizant of budget. The students were then presented with a $250 gift card with which to purchase food for Englewood’s Center for Food Action.

Kids Give Back and Learn About Nutrition and Budgeting

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Immediately following Peapod’s visit, Pino divided the students into six teams, allocating a $41 budget to each team.

“We spent three computer lab sessions searching food items that could be donated to Center for Food Action,” said Pino.

“Students compared nutrition facts such as vitamin percentages, fat, sugar, fiber and protein to decide which items would be the most nutritious, while still taking flavor into account. In addition, they compared the prices between similar items to see which would be most cost effective. They had to work together to agree on what would be the best choice for their cart,” she added.

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