Fifth graders left a legacy this week for younger students by leaving behind Kindness Kits that help kids make plans to work hard and be kind.  The school, Barrington Elementary has a motto, “Work Hard, Be Kind”. 

According to parent and PTO member Tina Muldoon, the kits were filled with “tools that inspire and empower kids to make safe and kind choices”.  The kits were presented to each kindergarten through fourth grade classroom.

Kids Make Plans to Work Hard and Be Kind

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“The kits will stay in each classroom, benefiting future students for many years,” she said.

The fifth-graders delivered the Kindness Kits on June 2 and 3, during the last week of school before summer break.

“Barrington has 132 fifth-grade students that were divided into groups each day to deliver the kits,” Muldoon said. “They explained to each classroom what the kits contained and how they could be used to help create an empathetic, kind and healthy social learning environment.”

She said the kits contain lesson plans and activities, along with a book called Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson.

“At some point in our lives, we are all unkind,” Muldoon said. “At some point, we are all treated unkindly by someone. Sometimes we won’t get a second chance at kindness and that is the lesson learned from this book.”

Kids Make Plans to Work Hard and Be Kind

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She said the kits also contain a large bowl and a small stone.

“Each student is asked to share an act of kindness they have shown that day,” she said. They are then asked to toss the stone in the bowl of water to see the ripple effect of one act of kindness.

“The students learn that everything we do goes out, like a ripple, into the world,” she said.

The fifth-graders also created “talking sticks” for each classroom.

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