Lateral thinking is for maximum thinking power and is a revolutionary approach to thinking outside the box. Edward de Bono first introduced the concept in 1967.  Since then, businesses and educators use lateral thinking concepts by solving intricate problems using a creative and indirect approach. The basic reasoning process involves using the right lobe of the brain, which powers creativity, to solve problems that cannot be solved by logic alone.

Lateral Thinking is for Maximum Thinking PowerInside the human brain, the different types of activities that go on are largely related to thinking.  Thought processes that the brain engages in thoughout the human life span make all human achievements possible. De Bono, believes it is possilbe to easily boost thinking power in a productive manner, as thinking is a brain skill that can be improved upon and boosted. .Children can learn these techniques also, just like adults.  De Bono has made suggestions of various techniques for enhancing lateral thinking among children.  When they learn how to think productively, they can easily enhance their intellectual output.  

Lateral thinkers always think outside the box. They use numerous techniques for changing basic concepts of thinking and human perceptions by replacing the original ones that are simple and straightforward. Quite different than vertical thinking, lateral one just stands back, starts looking at the bigger picture, and understands the basic concepts first before working on to find out solutions. Lateral thinkers also focus on areas of thinking that are often overlooked and neglected and later start challenging traditional assumptions and find out Lateral Thinking is for Maximum Thinking Poweralternatives.

A lateral thinker has the following characters:

  • They are ready to change the way they look at things.
  • They are ready to look for things and scenarios that are different in nature.
  • Lateral thinkers do not follow set rules. Rather, they may be non-traditional in outlook and use a deliberate technique to jump from one idea to the other.
  • They look at unexpected sides of the problems and are explore those territories where a conventional thinker never cares to look and explore.

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Lateral Thinking is for Maximum Thinking Power