Study Shows Mothers Get 13 Fewer Hours of “Me” Time but New Time Management Book for Busy Moms Shows Them How to Get All That Time Back

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2014  — A recent study from BabyCenter reveals that the newest generation of mothers get 13 fewer hours of “me” time but thankfully, the new book by author and parenting expert, Carin Kilby Clark called Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms, (available on Amazon) has five tips that show busy moms how to recoup all those hours for themselves.

Mimi Green of Maryland is living proof. Before she read and implemented the tips in Clark’s new book, she was one of thousands of moms who studies show are exhausted and stressed-out with literally no time for herself.

New Book Shows Moms How to Get 13 More Hours of "Me Time"

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Green is married with two kids, works one full time job out of the home, owns a small home-based business embellishing shoes, used to start her days in chaos and they went downhill from there.

She got up early, worked on her home-based business, made breakfast and lunches, helped get everyone ready for work and school, and then left for her full time job as an executive assistant.
Once back at home, she made dinner, did the laundry, went to work on her home business for three hours, then literally collapsed into bed only to wake-up to the same tiring cycle again in the morning.

Enter best-selling author Carin Kilby Clark with her book, Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms which Green read in just under 45 minutes during her lunchtime at work.

“I used to constantly complain how little time I had for myself, was always tired and honestly did not really know how to make my life any better, ” said Green.

“As soon as I read Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms the book literally showed me the specifics on how to manage and control my time and get the “me” time I so desperately needed.

New Book Shows Moms How to Get 13 More Hours of "Me Time"

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I now start my “to do” list with a verb, know more effective ways to prioritize everything, sleep better and love the time I spend running by myself and it’s all due to Carin Clark’s tips,” she continued.

Along with her readers who use her tips, author Carin Kilby Clark walks her talk.
“I have three kids at home, run a successful live and online coaching business at find time to write books, and lavish myself with personal renewal time every day,” says Clark.

“The reason I wrote Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms is because the number one complaint I heard from my clients was that they had no time for themselves. They felt scattered, unfocused and felt like they were destined to live a life of chaos.

Since I had already discovered thee five secrets that transformed my life into one where I have afull day each week that focuses just on me, I wanted to share my tips with every mom to help them reap those same benefits.

I spend my personal day pampering myself, get a manicure and pedicure, watch TV shows I recorded and use a portion of the day to plan new ways to help moms achieve the peaceful life I have and am so deeply grateful for,” states Clark.

Reader reviews on Amazon say the book is: “A Mom’s Dream Come True, Inspiring and Useful, and one with Quick Actionable Strategies that Do Exactly What the Book Promises.”
Fans say Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms gives you:

  • A book you can read in 30 minutes
  • Easy to implement strategies that are effortless
  • Actionable advice to apply to everyday life
  • Insights that help you get to the root of your time management challenges
  • Quotes and inspiration to motivate you to take action and get more time for yourself

For more information visit Clark’s site to join the mom community and get the free resource sheet with The Top 5 Productivity Tools Every Busy Mom Needs.

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New Book Shows Moms How to Get 13 More Hours of "Me Time"

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