When you’re a kid, the summer is the best time of year. The days seem to stretch on forever, and the prospect of no school for six weeks (a time period equivalent to an ice age when you’re that age) means all is right with the world. The sun is shining and summer brings with it all sorts of opportunities for swimming, beaches and a whole range of outdoor activities.

Safe and Fun Summer Activities for FamiliesAs a parent this is really a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the kids schedules are packed and there is virtually no time for them to be bored, meaning you won’t have to be on entertaining duty at all times. However, along with all this summer fun comes a whole new catalogue of dangers and risks. The swimming pool alone would occupy a whole chapter in any safe parenting handbook. Slipping, drowning, sun-burning, cuts, bruises and more can all happen around water. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the beach.

So, with all this in mind, we’ve come up with some fun summer activities for families that are reasonably safe.

Family campervan
Camping is a summer family favourite, and depending on where you go, a relatively safe option too. There’s nothing like getting out into the wild and spending some time together as a family.

Animals can be unpredictable (but then so can children) but a visit to an open farm is a great activity for kids of all ages. Animals at open farms or petting zoos are used to people and so less of a risk. It’s a great way to meet animals and to help your kids forge a better understanding of the natural world, which is something we’re in danger of losing. Getting up close and personal with pigs, goats, sheep, horses and more is a really fun activity for children.Safe and Fun Summer Activities for Families

Kids festivals
Ok, so the hard-rocking big summer music festivals might not be on the agenda for most parents this summer but there are plenty of family-friendly festivals where kids can have a great, and safe, time. Festival Kidz is a festival specifically designed for kids, giving them a taste of the atmosphere without the major risks. The Wychwood Festival is another laid back event that’s fun for all ages.

Fun with food
There are lots of ways you can have family fun with food, without the risks of the kitchen. Picking your own fruit is a great activity that teaches kids about where their healthy food comes from, and comes with obvious rewards. Properly supervised cooking activities like making jams and, if you have an outdoor oven, pizzas, are also a great way of sparking their imaginations.

There are lots of ways of having family fun in a safe and healthy way over the summer. Follow our suggestions or use your imagination but remember, always think about the risks, and never forget the sunscreen.

Safe and Fun Summer Activities for Familiesis Group Digital Sales and Marketing Manager at Vancations, a camper van hire company based in the North East of England. Mark likes to spend his time watching football (England and Sunderland), going on holiday, and spending a lot of his time driving different types of cars.

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Safe and Fun Summer Activities for Families