bullying expert Dr. Kathryn Seifert provides the best 9 ways to prevent bullying now and help stop bullies in their tracks.

As one of the co-authors in the best-selling  worldwide goodwill book, Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster D

1.  It is important to have discussions daily with your children and their activities at school. Imagine how much they will love interacting with you and you can be their source of encouragement.

2.  As a parent, it’s important you take a strong and active role in your child’s school. The more you get to know the teachers and other staff members, they can become a source of support for your child.

3.  If your child has a parent teacher group, be sure to become an active member. Getting to know the other parents will make a difference and one topic of discussion can be bullying and what parents can do to prevent bullying .

4.  Talk with your child about how every child is hurt when another child is bullied – the ripple effects expand far beyond the child who is bullied.

5.  Adults are the first person your child to talk with if they are bullied or see another child bullied.                    best 9 ways to prevent bullying now

6. Practice problem solving skills with your child at home so they can help be part of the solution to prevent bullying now when they see it happening. They will be much more prepared to know what to do immediately.

7.  Kids who are bullied need to see the school principal immediately.

8.  Your child will mimic what he or she sees at home so when you use proper communication tools your child will too.

9.  Make sure that your child’s school has a program in place that explains what respect is to all the students and reveals how to get along even though people may be different from them.

Dr. Kathryn Seifert is a psychologist, author and bullying expert who has appeared on Fox, CNN and other shows with her best 9 ways to prevent bullying now.