One of the main themes of the commitments of the Clinton Global Initiative focuses on jobs for young people.  Companies and nonprofit groups hope to improve education and training opportunities.

“The energy feels terrific,” former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said before announcing the commitments.  She has described the commitments centered around jobs and specialized training for young people to be “Job One”. 

Clinton Global Initiative Focuses on Jobs for Young People

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Several major employers have stepped to the forefront, promising the create tens of thousands of jobs or job training opportunities for teens and young adults.  Participants will be selected via private and public entities for a variety of programs in government, education, financial services, health, and energy. 

Among the major corporations, the following commitments stand out:

JP Morgan Chase will help create about 4,000 summer jobs for young adults and teenagers through its Summer Skills Development and Jobs Initiative in 14 cities. Another 20,000 more will receive work-readiness training.

Courtyard by Marriott committed to creating 10,000 career-development opportunities for youths and their teachers in the National Academy Foundation. The plan, which will be implemented over the next three years, centers around working to strengthen employment pathways for young Americans, according to a news release.

Clinton Global Initiative Focuses on Jobs for Young People

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Similarly, Symantec Corp. will introduce the Cyber Career Connection, which aims to recruit at least 45 under-served young adults in New York City, Baltimore, Md., and San Jose, Calif., for training in jobs in the cyber-security sector.

Symantec says it will provide $2 million per year to reach its education goal, covering the program’s overhead for training, classrooms and software and hardware needs.

In an effort to empower low-income young adults to transition from poverty to a professional career, Microsoft says it will deepen its YouthSpark partnership with Year Up and Junior Achievement. The program includes career training it hopes will create new, young entrepreneurs.

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