It doesn’t matter what your tests scores say, researchers have found genetic links for math and reading ability, connecting reading and mathematical skills. The findings tell researchers much about the genetic connection to intellectual aptitude.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford and King’s College London shows that the same genes that determine intellectual abilities are typically linked. Further, some genes are linked to specific abilities.

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The study was published by the journal Nature Communications. Researchers say that the same techniques can be used to measure other human traits or identify links between diseases, disorders, and treatments.

Researchers examined the influence of genetics on 2,800 12 year old British children and their math and reading abilities for the study. The United Kingdon’s national curriculum was used to test the children’s reading comprehension, fluency and mathematical skills.

Researchers also compared twins and unrelated children. They found that there was quite a significant overlap between both genetic variants in reading and math. They also found that certain genes were linked to better mathematical abilities, in general.

“We looked at this question in two ways, by comparing the similarity of thousands of twins, and by measuring millions of tiny differences in their DNA. Both analyses show that similar collections of subtle DNA differences are important for reading and math. However, it’s also clear just how important our life experience is in making us better at one or the other. It’s this complex interplay of nature and nurture as we grow up that shapes who we are,” said lead study author Dr. Oliver Davis (UCL Genetics), in a news release.

In other words, different genetics shape on how easy or difficult learning can be. Through a better understanding of the human mind, researchers may be better able to cater to certain learning

Students Adopt-a-Ship and Learn Real World Math Applications

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needs in the future.

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