Fifth grade kids are starting a new tradition of service at their school, one that students can follow in future years.

During the spring semester, the class decided to “leave their mark” on the school by starting a class service project as a tradition.  The students in Ashley Lommel’s fith grade homeroom brainstormed their ideas forservice projects, and decided to focus on benefitting the school’s students and the community around the school.

re Starting a New Tradition of Service

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They wanted to inspire future classes to do even bigger things. They wanted to inspire others to make positive changes in the lives of students and the neighborhood.

Throughout the school year, the students practiced concepts in Steven Covey’s book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Students,” designed to teach leadership skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

After deciding to tackle a project that would benefit the school’s students and the community around it, the class determined that they wanted to do a project at the nearby Twin Oaks Apartment Complex.

The class decided to renovate a run down shelter at the school bus stop by the complex.

In recent years, the condition of the shelter’s appearance was such that many students chose to stand in the cold or rain while waiting for a bus.

re Starting a New Tradition of Service

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Lommel’s fifth-grade class decided to clean-up and repaint the structure to brighten it and make it more appealing, the news release states.

After deciding on their project, the class set to work to write letters appealing to local organizations for donations in support of the renovation. The received support from local restaurants, attorneys, and community organizations including The Greeneville Woman’s Club and The Greene County Partnership.

Students took several trips to the apartment complex to determine what supplies would be needed and make a plan for how the project would work.

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