Elementary school children are having a blast attending a kids college for summer learning fun.  They are learning math and science without realizing it, as they have fun with cooking, arts, crafts, and other activities. 

At Trident Technical College, Nine-year-old Makena Matherly was working on math skills as she weighed and measured the ingredients for making flan and Rice Krispie treats shaped like sush.

Kids College for Summer Learning Fun

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Just one of the clases offered by Trident’s Kids College, the cooking was part of the International Sweet Treats class. Thisvis an annual series of summer courses for children, designed to be educational and fun, said Michele Shinn, a director in Trident Tech’s continuing education division.

This year, there are 157 sections of 100 different week long camps at the college’s four campuses and at sites in Hollywood and Dorchester County. Cooking isn’t the only class.  The half-day camps include classes in cooking, computer technology, art, science and math.

Makena said she loved her class, “There’s no bad parts about this class,” she said. “It’s super awesome and other kids should take it.”

Stuart Morton, who is 8 years old, said he took the class because “my dad wanted sweets and I love sweets, and I want to know how to make them.”

Kids College for Summer Learning Fun

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Instructor Laura Hunt, who also teaches baking and pastry making at Trident Tech, said she has taught the summer youth class for the past three years. Some students take the class more than once, she said. “We have repeat customers. I guess they enjoy it.”

Shinn said the Kids College has been running for the past 17 years. It started with only 12 children attending four camps.

Trident Tech President Mary Thornley launched the program to inspire children to pursue higher education and to raise awareness about Trident Tech and its role in the community, Shinn said.

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